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Caramel Apple Bar with Opal Apples

Looking for a fun and healthy(ish) after school treat? I love the idea of a caramel apple bar, where your little ones can help themselves to sampling healthy apples with some sweet toppings.

Caramel Apple Bar | Five MarigoldsJust set out a fun array of toppings – choose chopped nuts or pretzels, chocolate chips, peanut butter, or caramel or chocolate sauce.. Then set out a variety of  sliced apples to choose from. I always love to get Honey Crisp when they’re in season, and this time I tried Opal apples.

I picked up some Opals because I received a coupon from BzzAgent to try some for free in exchange for sharing my opinion. While they’re not available in every grocery store, you can spot them easily at participating grocers by their bright yellow color. Something that makes Opals unique is their  non-GMO no-browning claim. While I’ve found them to eventually succomb to browning in my experience, they are non-browning enough to pass the school lunch test – in that they still look good enough for my finicky 6-year old to eat hours after I’ve sliced them for lunchbox prep! I also like that they are sweet, but not too sour – which makes Opals a winning apple in our home.

As a marketer by profession myself, I love a company with a good cause marketing campaign, and Opals are a brand with heart – a portion of Opal Apples’ sales goes to their Youth Make a Difference grants, which support youth-led non-profits involving food, nutrition and agriculture.

Would your little love a caramel apple bar? Tell me about it below. I’d love to hear your favorite tasty apple toppings !