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Children’s Artwork Display for Less Than $5

This is one of my favorite projects to date – also the easiest and least expensive: the children’s artwork display located in our Family Command Center  – otherwise known as the mud room.

Children's Art Display Less than $5  |  Five Marigolds

I wanted plenty of space where the children could hang their artwork and good grades with pride, without that messy cluttered look on the fridge. It also needed to be really flat to the wall, since the area I’d designated is in a space the width of a hallway.

Here’s how I did it:

  • Buy these eye hook screws and wire at the hardware store for less than $5 total (or spend a few extra bucks and shop Amazon at the links above if you want to save a trip to the store).
  • Drill holes into the wall where you want your eye hooks to go. Screw the eye hooks into the wall by hand.  Then, wrap your wire around one of the hooks a few times. Stretch it to the other eye hook, pulling and straightening as you go. Wrap it around that eye hook 2-3 times and cut the wire.
  • I already had these cute little inexpensive clips on hand, leftover from Eve’s party favors.They work great for holding the various art and school papers the kids bring home.
  • Voila! Children’s art center complete in 20 minutes and for less than $5.

Children's Art Display Less than $5  | Five Marigolds

These photos. They’re bad. This is a tricky, low-light place to take photos with horrible orangey-pink energy-saving bulbs. Forgive me. You get the idea, right? What do you think of my low-tech art center?

Children's Art Display Less than $5 | Five Marigolds

DIY Budget Garage Transformation

Last weekend I had the DIY bug – I was really in the mood for a project but didn’t want to spend a lot of money. We’re planning to sell our home within the year and don’t want to invest much more into this house.

However, we also have a lack of closet space that we needed to solve for right away. We have just a tiny coat closet and no mudroom. So, we decided to make our garage space a little more functional – and while we were at it, why not make it look pretty, too?

So, in one weekend we completed a small garage makeover for just $120.

We painted the garage door and steps using outdoor Benjaman Moore paint.  I used a small $5 can of Minwax Wood Stain in Jacobean for the top of the stair steps. I used some extra vinyl and made the “welcome” door sign and stair numbers using my Silhouette SD.  We then bought four panels of wainscoting, pre-primed strips of lumber, and used the same white Benjaman Moore paint (just the untinted base white color) to create a nice clean look on the back wall.

I wanted to add hooks but found most larger hooks to be a bit pricey. The best option I found was to buy the Ikea LEKSVIK Rack and just use the hooks from it, netting out to $2 per hook. (I plan to use the wood for another DIY project in the near future.)

We then moved a small Target bookshelf into the garage that we were about to sell in a garage sale anyway, and found that it works pretty great for storing hats, scarves and mittens. I got the bins at HomeGoods  (but I also love these) and added a cute rug.

Not bad for just $120, right? What creative ways have you found to add storage to your home? Let me know in the comments below.

DIY Weekend Garage Transformation | Five Marigolds DIY Weekend Garage Transformation | Five Marigolds

DIY Weekend Garage Transformation | Five Marigolds


DIY Weekend Garage Transformation | Five Marigolds

DIY Weekend Garage Transformation | Five Marigolds